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Welcome to the MonteRech family winery site.

The embryo of MonteRech family winery had its origin in 1985 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Olmir Rech, producing grape juices and common table wines of great quality with grapes from own vineyards and organic management. From 2006, making use ofhis father-in-law knowledge, Gilberto Orengo joins the in-laws Paul and Alvaro Rech, Rech and his wife Virginia Cielo to form MonteRech family winery, with the goal of producing fine wines, initially with Cabernet Sauvignon. We currently produce other varieties of wines, and always aiming to achieve great quality wines, and currently focusing in red wines.The grapes come from, mostly, Monte Belo do Sul, in the Vineyards Valley in “Serra Gaucha”, and more recently, the variety Merlot is from the vineyards of Livramento, in the “Campanha Gaucha” . Were planted in 2011, in partnership with Stasczak family, Genei Calimar and his brother, from Monte Belo do Sul, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in the vertical system. The prediction is that we have the first harvest in 2016, and the next year we plan to formally enter the fine wine segment.

The timeline of our project was established until 2018, and since 2007 we are investing heavily to qualify the production of red wines. A new winery will be built based on modern concepts of winemaking and environmental management, and a technological infrastructure capable of sustaining the process of drafting, solely aimed at obtaining great wines. We anticipate that among our environmental management plans is the use of recycled bottles, which we already practice and with great results.

Thank you very much for your interest!