About Us

Olmir RECH (1934-2012)

Olmir3Born in São Francisco de Paula, RS, Brazil, is the starting entrepreneur, producing, since 1985, common grape juices and table wines of great quality. With Maria Antonia Cielo Rech had five children, Paulo, Álvaro, Virginia, Mauro and Marcelo.

Gilberto ORENGO

Gilberto-OrengoBorn in São Borja, RS, Brazil. I am self taught by training, I have a degree in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Nuclear Physics. The art of making wine seduced me and took me to another challenge, whose journey is just beginning. I appreciate when the universe conspires to harmonize friends, cuisine and fine wines. Plus, for me Happiness is in us, and the wine is one of their food.

PAULO César Rech

Paulo-Cesar-RechA native of St. Jerome, RS, Brazil. I have training in Eletrotechnics by UFSM and a degree in Environmental Management. Good wines that I taste are accompanied by friends and the precious sound of a guitar, accompanying me since adolescence.

ÁLVARO Luis Rech

A native of St. Jerome, RS, Brazil. I am a farmer and I own a small family agroindustry, which produces jellies, breads, preserves and other goodies of excellent quality, with the concept of organic production. The production of juices and common wines is a legacy from my father, I do it with great pleasure.


Alvaro_e_VirginiaBorn in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil. I’m a big admirer of fine wines, I have a degree in chemistry and post-graduate degree in biochemistry, I am a teacher at UNIFRA where I guide and develop research on resveratrol, a component of wine associated with combating free radicals and with longevity.